Career Shadowing

Serving students in grade 11

Perspectives Career Shadowing for Juniors

Every student should have access to a variety of career exploration opportunities along with a first-hand experience in a professional environment. Every junior at Perspectives shadows various careers within the Chicago business community as part of our A Disciplined Life® education model. We are seeking individuals/companies for the 2020-21 school year who would like to serve as a mentor.

Our vision is to:

  • Inspire students to work toward higher academic achievement through exposure to the professional world.
  • Mentor students in building a lifelong network of support.
  • Inform students of the different career options available to them.
  • Teach students the skills of professionalism.
  • Advise students on post-secondary planning and future life choices.

Due to COVID-19, Career Shadowing Week has been canceled.

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Enrolling students from 6th -12th grades. Perspectives has 5 schools located in three campuses in Chicago’s southside neighborhoods of Bronzeville, South Loop, and now 85th & Lafayette.

My Perspective on A Disciplined Life
from Perspectives Charter Schools on Vimeo.