A Disciplined Life® in every classroom

What Is a Charter School?

Charter schools are free independent public schools that have flexibility to be more innovative and are held accountable for improved student achievement. Charter Schools are tuition free and are open to all, without entrance exams. Perspectives admits new students without regard to grades, test scores, residence, or any other criteria, employing a blind lottery when demand exceeds our capacity to enroll the number of students who apply.

Charter schools offer families an additional choice in where their children will attend school and what types of special programs may be best suited for their children. For instance, many charters provide longer hours and additional schools days to help students achieve academic growth faster. They may offer tougher curriculum and graduation standards and thereby better prepare a student for acceptance to college. They may offer a unique difference as Perspectives does. We teach character education through our 26 principles of A Disciplined Life in every classroom, every day.

To learn more about charter schools and their results check out these publications.

Choose Perspectives

We offer Chicago students better outcomes:

  • Freshmen are nearly 10% more likely to end the year on-track, the leading predictor of high school graduation, than similar schools
  • Perspectives graduates 12 more students for every 100 than other CPS non-selective district schools
  • 180 minutes spent per week in social-emotional instruction