We evolve ethical leaders

A Disciplined Life®

A Disciplined Life® is a culture we create through our set of 26 principles, CORE5 practices, and social emotional learning curriculum. Our 26 principles guide our actions, building a community of trust, curiosity and achievement that develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and the tools for productivity.

Essential Questions for each grade level:  

How will a Disciplined Life®… 

  • 6th: Broaden my perspective of myself? 
  • 7th: Guide me to be a good friend? 
  • 8th: Guide me to be an ethical leader? 
  • 9th: Guide me as an intensive thinker? 
  • 10th: Support social change in our world?
  • 11th: Influence my college and career path? 
  • 12th: Support my college and life success?
A Disciplined Life® Summit 

Every year, students choose an ADL principle to present at the end of year. This summit teaches students to: 

  • Study an A Disciplined Life® Principle 
  • Set goals
  • Gather data
  • Analyze data and make assessments
  • Demonstrate social emotional learning growth 
  • Evolve as ethical leaders
The A Disciplined Life Website: 
  • 4 units per quarter & 10 Lessons per unit 
  • Aligned learning standards
  • Progress planners
  • Interim assessments
  • Summit projects
  • Peace steps
  • Critical conversations cycle