A holistic approach to education

Our Approach

At Perspectives, our students are intelligent, compassionate, and driven. We aim to grow ethical leaders by living A Disciplined Life® in our Southside Chicago communities.

Academic Rigor

We teach challenging and relevant college preparatory curriculum that deepens critical thinking. We personalize instruction and leverage technology to drive student growth, while also using project based learning to develop problem solving skills. 

Social Emotional Learning

Our 26 principles of A Disciplined Life® guide our actions and performance, building a culture of trust, curiosity and achievement. Each week, students engage in 180 minutes of social emotional learning to further develop positive self-perception, healthy relationships, and the tools for productivity. 

Experiential Opportunities

We use the city as our classroom. Our students access opportunities and cultivate agency through field studies, community action initiatives, and career shadowing. We partner with leading universities, corporations and foundations to create meaningful experiences for students.

We offer:

    • A Disciplined Life® Curriculum 
    • STEM Focused Curriculum
    • Personalized Learning 
    • AP Courses 
    • Early College Credit
    • Career shadowing 
    • IT/Software Certification Programs
    • Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Program
    • One to One Technology 
    • Competitive Athletic Teams
    • Comprehensive After School Programming 
    • Social Justice Initiatives 
    • Ethical Leadership Development 
    • Field Studies
    • College Tours 
    • Project Based Learning
    • Fine Art Electives