This pandemic has caused an unprecedented challenge to provide equitable remote learning at Perspectives, as far more than half of our student body does not have access to the internet or laptop/tablet.

Our #digitalEQUITY campaign will close the digital divide for every student at Perspectives, ensuring each has access to the baseline technology of a Chromebook and internet hotspot.

Our remote learning approach is holistic. We will provide a five hour instructional day using academic materials through Google classroom and multiple blended learning programs. We will utilize pre-recorded YouTube lessons for all core subjects, schedule feedback sessions and tutorials for comprehension, access daily zoom/phone office hours with teachers and mentors, and offer virtual after school programming.

Help ensure all students have access to these remote learning opportunities!

Our #digitalEQUITY campaign allows us all to give. —With single or multiple sponsorship options, whatever your or your company’s capacity. Invest and make a digital difference in the lives of our Chicago students. Then spread the word by forwarding this opportunity to give to your friends and colleagues. Together let’s close the digital divide for our over 1,700 public school teenagers – so they can keep learning.



Includes a hotspot device with internet access for one year OR one Google Chromebook


Includes Chromebook and hotspots with one year of service to one student


Includes Chromebooks and hotspots with a year of service for a classroom of 30 students


Includes Chromebooks to 150 students in an entire grade level OR hotspots with a year of service to 150 students in an entire grade level


Includes Chromebooks and hotspots with one year of service for an entire grade level of 150 students

Any Amount!

Any investment you can make into bridging digital equity makes a big impact! Select your custom amount below.